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Malta Net Salary Calculator

malta-net-salary-calc.jpgMalta Net Salary calculator is a web application developed as a weekend project that calculates net salaries, providing a periodic drill-down of gross salary, taxes, national insurance contributions and net salary. This web-app is developed using a number of technologies and tools, mainly:

  • Backbone.js & Marionette
  • Javascript & jQuery
  • SASS & Bourbon
  • Grunt

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tweetle.jpgTweetle is essentially a Twitter search engine. It is a web application developed to index and search tweets originating from a dynamic list of users in real-time. Tweetle is highly optimised, mainly in terms of performance and makes use of advanced search engine techniques to gather and rank results. Tweetle is developed using:

  • PHP & CodeIgniter
  • Javascript & jQuery
  • MySQL

Tweetle tightly integrates with the Twitter API and Yahoo Placefinder, and makes use of cutting edge web technologies such as CSS3.

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Neobux Referral Analyzer

neobux.pngNeobux Referral Analyzer is a tool developed for the Neobux PTC platform, which provides detailed referral and earnings information about a user's profile.

This tool has been written using Java and hence is usable seamlessly on Windows, Mac and Linux. In early versions, Neobux Referral Analyzer was first distributed as freeware but after implementing numerous features, the tool was then distributed as shareware. This program has been sold to hundreds of customers, excluding the ridiculous amount sold from impersonators who copied the website content and are selling the program at a reduced price.

The program has very high satisfaction rate as can be seen in the user testimonials as found in the landing page.

Publication - "Building a Hybrid: Chatterbot – Dialog System"


This publication emerges from my bachelor's degree thesis with the same title. Myself and Dr. Alexiei Dingli wrote this paper which summarises the thesis and was published in the book "Text, Speech, and Dialogue" with regards to the 16th International Conference of TSD (Text, Speech, and Dialogue) held in 2013 in Pilsen. The following is the abstract of this publication:

Generic conversational agents often use hard-coded stimulus-response data to generate responses, for which little to no effort is attributed to effectively understand and comprehend the input. The limitation of these types of systems is obvious: the general and linguistic knowledge of the system is limited to what the developer of the system explicitly defined. Therefore, a system which analyses user input at a deeper level of abstraction which backs its knowledge with common sense information will essentially result in a system that is capable of providing more adequate responses which in turn result in a better overall user experience.

From this premise, a framework was proposed, and a working prototype was implemented upon this framework. The prototype makes use of various natural language processing tools, online and offline knowledge bases, and other information sources, to enable it to comprehend and construct relevant responses..