NeoBux Referral Analyzer is a useful tool for every NeoBux member. NeoBux Referral Analyzer uses NeoBux referral data to display detailed referral, earnings and AVG information. Use NeoBux Referral Analyzer to monitor and analyze your progress in NeoBux by the individual referral graphs, sorting and filtering of referrals, and graphs for your daily earnings and AVG available by this program. Pin-point poor performing referrals by setting up a simple filter with different criteria including AVG, age, last click and total clicks. Determining what referrals you should recycle never been this easy!

Main Features:

  • Easy-to-use and user-friendly interface
  • No–hassle inputting of data – Input data in 2 clicks
  • Referral filtering by Clicks, AVG, Age and Last Click
  • Graphs for Earnings and AVG
  • Individual referral graph with unlimited range
  • Batch Importing - Import multiple data at one go (NEW)
  • Referral sorting
  • Support for Ultimate members having 1000s of referrals
  • Automatic detection of recycled or expired referrals
  • Detailed Instruction Manual Included with program

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Some users' testimonials:

Vince Andrews When i first saw the advert for (NRA) NeoBux Referral Analyser, i was more than a little dubious about purchasing it. Having purchased other similar programs that did not live up to my expectations, i thought hard about parting with my cash.

Then i thought, well it is a very low price at under $5 and thinking that i had paid much more than double before for this type of utillity. So i decided to go ahead and make the purchase. Everything went fine for me as i alway pay via PayPal.

I got the download link and downloaded the NRA program. Followed the very easy to understand instructions in the pdf file that come with the program and in just a few short minutes, i had the NRA program up and running.

I can tell you that i was amazed at how simple the layout of the program looked. But! Looks can truly be deceiving. The program is very powerful in what it delivers. It is far more powerful and than the analysing part on Neobux and far simpler to understand, even for a newbie wants to keep referral statistics.

For anyone that uses NeoBux, should now that it is referral statistics that can mean a profit or loss of their hard earned cash. Without understanding how their referrals work means almost no profit for them and this can be the most frustrating thing for any member or NeoBux.

The bonus of buying this program also means that i will always get any updates of the NRA for free and knowing that Darren is a perfectionist i anticipate this program growing and making my analasist of my referrals a pleasure instead of a confusing chore.

I wish nothing but success with your NRA program and i am very pleased i have purchased it.

Many thanks Vince Andrews
Vijay Hey Darren,

I sincerely agree with Vince.

An amazing tool for all the Neobux users to manage their referrals being offline. I know in the course of time you’re gonna add more features to it and it’s gonna be the only one of it’s kind. Thanks a lot for making me a part of it.

Regards’ Viz
Daniel Melana It’s a great program. Now I can analyze my referrals a lot better now and won’t have to manually search through the stats provided by neobux. I can even sort out tlhe information in any way I please.

Thanks a lot!
Mohdk This is one of the finest tool ever created for Neobux. I am now not required to use any other 3rd party greasemonkey scripts on Neobux to slow down my experience there! And whatever info I need to manage my thousands of refs, well I can get it through this tool and without putting extra load on Neobux as it’s offline and works on daily exported data.

All I can say is this is an awesome piece of work! Thank you very much Darren. Props!

Don’t be hesitant buy now before it gets too popular to remain this cheap!
Brian Parsons Thank you for the programme and your great support in helping me to download it. I am finding it invaluable in sorting the refs out. Great job, thanks again.
Buy now for only $4.99!

You will instantly receive an automated email containing the download link for the program when you buy

New Features since v3.0:

  • Labels on graphs for easy viewing of clicks, earnings and AVGs for specific data

  • Tooltips - Put the mouse pointer over points on the graph to get exact data information

  • Batch Input - Import multiple files at one go

  • Universal Text Encoding Support

  • Error Logging - Errors are logged in a log file for easy troubleshooting

This tool has been extensively tested and have been proved to be invaluable in the managing and analyzing of rented referrals.

On buying NeoBux Referral Analyzer, you will get full customer support, free life-time updates of the product and a detailed instruction manual

This program works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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